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Over 6 million Americans suffer from dementia, and there are people dedicated to finding ways to help with it every single day. 

You may not think that small actions like gardening or mixing cookie dough would make much of a difference in the lives of aging adults, but activities that have real purpose can enhance their self-esteem.

It’s almost a new year and a great time to resolve to make lifestyle changes that incorporate new and healthy activities. No matter what your age, staying active can have a positive impact on your quality of life.

When the holidays are right around the corner, there is always buzz about family recipes for the perfect pumpkin pie or the ultimate mashed potatoes. Folks are searching online for new appetizer ideas

As the temperatures begin to drop, we start to worry about how winter can make life difficult for aging adults. From slipping on the ice outside to feeling stuck inside, winter can be especially hard on the elderly.

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