When It’s Cold Outside, We Are Warm & Welcoming

As the temperatures begin to drop, we start to worry about how winter can make life difficult for aging adults. From slipping on the ice outside to feeling stuck inside, winter can be especially hard on the elderly. Not only are they susceptible to falls, but seniors are vulnerable to illness, infection and even depression during the cold winter months. There is no better time than now to look for assisted living care, and there are no better places than The Gardens at Oasis and Oasis Dementia Care. When the winter months are cold and dark, we provide the warmth of welcoming smiles with an emphasis on your total health and well-being. We put the W.A.R.M. in winter. 

Worry-free living. The Gardens at Oasis and Oasis Dementia Care take away the worries that come once the days turn colder like raking leaves and shoveling snow. The CDC reports that seniors are more likely to fall in the winter and that the number greatly increases with snow and ice outside. Something as simple as getting the mail, could mean a trip to the hospital for an older adult. Let Oasis take away the worries that come from slips and falls on icy sidewalks and snowy driveways, as well as driving accidents on hazardous road conditions.

A Activities to keep them busy even during the dark winter months. Both The Gardens at Oasis and Oasis Dementia Care offer a fun-filled schedule of activities and fitness programs to fill the cold, dark days of winter. From movie night in the theatre to music performances in the common areas, we ensure our neighbors stay active despite shorter, colder days. Our activities are geared toward their personal interest and hobbies including art, trivia, games and music. Plus, our fitness and wellness programs will keep them moving because staying physically active is so important to overall health and wellness. At The Oasis, our goal is to keep our neighbors healthy, happy and active all winter long

R Regular social opportunities. One of the most severe effects that winter can have on aging adults is the increased risk for social isolation. Seniors need to stay socially connected and not doing so can be detrimental to their health and well-being. Both the Gardens at Oasis and Oasis Dementia Care offer many opportunities for social engagement such as group meals in the restaurant-style dining areas and other fun social events like group parties in the Town Square room. Plus, the Oasis staff is dedicated to creating a strong sense of connection with our neighbors developing bonds and providing care that is understanding, warm and compassionate.

M Making your health and wellness a priority. Winter months can bring increased health risks to seniors who often skip doctors appointments or grocery store shopping because of inclement weather.  At The Oasis, we ensure that each of our neighbors has access to the medical care they need including flu shots and vaccinations. We also provide healthy and delicious dining options prepared in accordance with senior nutrition guidelines. Our best care, best path philosophy along with our exclusive Care Connect System allows us to cultivate a great understanding of each neighbor and their health updates, preferred foods, and favorite activities so that they can have a healthy and active lifestyle no matter what the season.

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