Building strong connections.

Warm, compassionate memory care in a home-like community that encourages strong social connections to slow down the progression of dementia. 


Better knowledge, better care.

Oasis Dementia Care takes a holistic approach to connecting with our neighbors on a personal level that helps us provide the most comprehensive memory care. It is our mission to get to know each and every one of our neighbors and find their perfect fit in our community. The better we know them, the better we can care for them.


Home is where the heart is.

Creating a home-like design is about making our neighbors feel safe, relaxed and at ease. Families are encouraged to bring familiar comfortable furniture for their loved ones’ apartments. They are also welcome to come and visit our neighbors any time of the day. We even offer a private dining room for our families to enjoy special meals and quality time with their loved ones.


Caring at our fingertips.

Every neighbor at Oasis has a “Life Story” on our Care and Engagement Tablets. It all starts with a discovery session with our neighbors and their families when we enter their past experiences, hobbies, interests and health history. As we continue to learn more about our neighbors, we can add notations such as their favorite activities or favorite snacks. Because we want their lives to continue to be the closest possible to what they’ve known, we keep it all right at our fingertips.


Encouraging strong social interaction.

In addition to our staff’s dedication to getting to know our neighbors, we also continuously encourage social connections with other neighbors. Oasis Dementia Care offers a wide variety of enriching activities that creatively engage and foster friendships among our neighbors. Our group activities and celebrations are fun times for our neighbors and staff to join in together and connect even more.


Stimulating mind and body.

Above all, we want our neighbors to be happy, fulfilled and engaged. While industry standards are typically 40 hours per week of activities, we offer over 140 hours of different individual and group activities customized to our neighbors’ interests and cognitive levels, from early onset dementia to late-stage Alzheimer’s. These memory care activities range from musical entertainment to mind-stimulating computer games, and from exercising the body to exercising the mind with sensory stimuli. Oasis Dementia Care knows that if we can meaningfully engage someone, then we have hope to slow down the process of dementia.


We love listening to life stories.

Oasis Dementia Care does a full physical and cognitive assessment of our incoming neighbors so that we can offer them the best individual care plan possible. Our Care Team will sit down with the family to fill out their Life Story on our Care and Engagement Tablets learning their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests, past experiences and any health history. We’ll do whatever it takes to make the transition to memory care go as smoothly as possible so they can start enjoying their new home and connecting with our Oasis Family.


Visit us.

We’d love to meet you. Schedule your tour today and learn more about our Oasis Community.

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