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As couples age, many of them face the dilemma of what to do when one spouse requires memory care and the other one doesn’t. When a husband or wife is no longer able to take care of their loved one, it becomes a question of moving one or both to an assisted living or senior facility where they can get the care they need; however total separation could cause loneliness and depression, and even accelerate confusion for the spouse with dementia. Fortunately, The Gardens at Oasis and Oasis Dementia Care offer multiple levels of care on the same campus.

With the combination of the two offerings, the couple can both get the care they need and enjoy the advantages of being close. The spouse with dementia can receive the high level of care that he or she needs at the Oasis Dementia Care, while their partner reaps the benefits of The Gardens at Oasis. A short walk to the neighboring building is all it takes to visit and reconnect. The couple can participate together in the activities in the memory care unit, they can share meals together in the dining room and then can spend time outside together on the patio enjoying the sunshine.


Spouses of dementia care neighbors can choose a spacious comfortable apartment at The Gardens and still be within a short stroll of their loved one. Each apartment has their own private patio where they can relax and take the time to care for their own well-being so that they can stay positive in the process. The amenities and care they receive at The Gardens will give them the time and mental wellness to support their spouse, as well as deal with their own range of emotions. While they are close enough to participate in the Oasis Dementia Care activities with their partner, they can also take part in the activities and exercise classes at The Gardens which can be a huge stress reliever for them. Most importantly, our staff will take the time to educate them on dementia care best practices for their partner letting them know that they’re not alone in the journey.


Having your spouse nearby can bring so much comfort to a dementia care neighbor. In addition to providing comfort, spouses can serve as a liaison with healthcare professionals letting them know about changes in their partner’s condition. They can relay hot buttons, actions and words that work with their spouse, and fill in gaps of memory for them. With their spouse just a short walk away, dementia care neighbors can benefit from the positive effects of having a loved one close and the practical benefits of receiving even more hands-on assistance with grooming and dressing if desired. Most importantly, being on the same campus together means they can stay more intimately connected, enjoy each other’s company more often and focus on the here and now.

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