5 Signs of Dementia You May Not Know

Confusion and forgetfulness are the symptoms most people associate with dementia. But, there are other warning signs that aren’t as obvious. If you are noticing some changes in the personality or behavior of your loved one, you may be wondering if something is wrong.

It’s important to understand the difference between normal aging and dementia, and it’s important to recognize some of the lesser-known symptoms of the disease.

1. Change in Personality

Changes in a senior’s disposition can be a sign of dementia. For example, if your easy-going mother has become quick-to-anger, it may be something to watch and discuss with her. It could be a sign that she’s experiencing an emotional struggle of some kind, but it could also be the beginning signs of a memory-affecting disease.

2. Withdrawing from Social Activities

If a senior recognizes that something is wrong or that they aren’t their normal self, they may begin to self-isolate. This could be because of embarrassment or fear to leave their safe space. Someone experiencing memory loss may stop attending religious services and even put off seeing their friends.

3. Problems with Money

Older adults are often targeted for scams, so it can be easy to overlook their falling victim as a warning sign of dementia. Poor judgment can be a huge red flag – especially for Alzheimer’s. Consistently forgetting to pay their bills or making purchases they can’t afford can also be warning signs.

4. Tough Time Writing

Whether it’s a grocery list or a text message, short-term memory loss can make organizing & transcribing your thoughts hard to do. If you find illegible lists or half-written checks around your loved one’s home, it may be something you want to discuss with their doctor.

5. Loss of Initiative

Have you noticed your loved one losing interest in friends, family, or favorite activities? A person living with dementia may become passive and disinterested and may require prompting to become involved in activities.

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